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Trendy cakes

It’s been a while since the last update! I suppose that’s good news really, as no updates means there is no time and no time means we are really busy baking. And baking, that’s what it’s all about.
But now, on the first day of a two weeks baking vacation, I feel that an update could be fun. At least for me, haha!
The last months, or the last year really, has been extremely busy. My little baking business has grown and gained loads of new customers from near and far. Literally. Whilst we have an increasing number of local customers from Amstelveen, Amsterdam and Ouderkerk, we have also had phonecalls from customers in India ordering cakes for their loved ones here in the Netherlands!
The international expat community has also discovered Taart voor jou; customers from the US, India, the UK, Italy, Russia and Poland find their way to our cakes.
We are especially grateful and appreciative of the fact that most of our customers return to us again and again for all their moments in life that deserve cake so thank you all!
The last year, we have completely embraced a number of cake trends from abroad; the dripcake definitely being the most important of these, with the rainbowcake and the unicorn cakes as good runner ups. More trends are definitely entering our kitchen, so stay tuned!

We also see more and more of the cakes that go with a themed party such as baby shower cakes, baby reveal cakes and baby smash cakes.

At the same time, we are constantly baking our all time classics such as the lemon meringue pie, the chocolate and the raspberry mousse cakes, the oreocake, the different cheesecakes and the Norwegian cream and marzipan cakes, to mention just a few. These may not be trendy, but they definitely compensate for that with their taste and look. These cakes are classics that fit any occasion!
This summer we are again proud to be part of a number of weddings with our cakes and sweets; keep an eye on our social media; facebook and Instagram, to see the photo’s!
Thank you again for your support and remember that a party without cake is just a meeting!


2 gedachten over “Trendy cakes

  1. Det er med beundring og stolthet vi har lest ditt siste nyhetsbrev. Du har så mange evner, kreativitet, estetikk, høy arbeidsmoral og jeg er sikker på at kakene smaker også kjempegodt. Ikke rart vi er stolte av deg.

  2. Wow! Surely il order again for my son’s birthday or on my birthday too!

    Keep it up!

    Best regards 😊

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