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New beginnings

I’m back! Actually, I have been back for a little while already. After a three months break from my bakery, I have returned with new experiences, new techniques and new ideas, just as I hoped when I left for London and Le Cordon Bleu. That was an amazing experience which I will write more about later. But my break away from the kitchen wasn’t only about being surrounded by some of the world’s best (pastry)chefs and baking and decorating cakes in a world renowned culinary centre. Although I would have loved to spend more time at this amazing place, I had other work to do.

And so I have made some important adjustments to the website as well as to the organisational side of things. Some of these changes will make the placing of an order easier and more efficient and some you will not even notice but they will make life a lot easier for me. I have also employed a new assistant, Becca Hopkins. Becca is British and ‘just lovely’ as they would most definitely say about her in the UK. She has joined Taart voor jou in order to bake, decorate, count, wrap, pack, shop, clean up, dish, taste, carry, serve, cook and be calm and organised when I am not. And that is exactly what she does and I am so grateful and happy to have her with me.

The coming months, new products will be added to the website, so do check in from time to time! We are also adding products to the catering part of the business; savoury finger food as well as deserts. Have you tried the new brie and strawberry combination yet? Or the panna cotta? If not, you should most definitely consider it for your next event!

So even before the official announcement of being back in business, orders started coming in and the agenda is filling up with exciting assignments. I am extremely grateful and yes, a little relieved as well, to see that all my customers are returning after my break and a lot of new customers are finding their way to Taart voor jou as well. I never take this for granted and I appreciate and value each customer and every order that comes my way.

If you have had a cake or a catering from Taart voor jou that you were happy with, I would love it if you would leave a review on Google and/ or in my guestbook on the website. This is really useful for new, potential customers looking for great cakes and delicious catering. Thank you and welcome back!


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  1. Fijn te horen dat je een frisse herstart hebt gemaakt!. Ik verwacht er veel van! Succes!

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