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Happy new year!

I believe in new beginnings. A new year, new ways, new skills and techniques, new products, new customers. New hairdo and a new dress. New is fresh, a change from the old. A movement as opposed to standing still. Whether it is a new job or a new pair of shoes.

Those of you who know me a little bit, might wonder what this is all about. Really I am more the traditional type who likes to stick with the known and safe, staying within my comfort zone whenever possible. So maybe it’s the age? Or the weather? I don’t now and it doesn’t matter. I have decided that the blog will be in English from now on. Although I consider my Dutch to be more or less fluent after 22 years in The Netherlands (did I just say 22 years..?); writing in Dutch was never my favourite. It just doesn’t come to me as easily as I would like. And as my always loyal and very honest text editor, my mother in law, is no longer able to edit my texts, I am just not so comfortable writing in Dutch anymore. In addition, I felt really sorry for those of my readers who use Google translate to follow the blog; they just never quite understood what I was talking about.

The drip cakes are also new to my bakery and they have come to stay. A drip cake can be decorated in so many different ways, there are no limits. I love making these cakes! In addition, I will be adding French macarons to the assortment shortly. Stay tuned to see when and what!

I have decided to make 2017 a year to learn new skills. Cake decoration and techniques will be the first focus. Remember the movie Julie & Julia? With Meryl Streep (yes, that overrated actor) as Julia Child who became an American celebrity chef after her graduation at the world famous Le Cordon Bleu? The movie made a deep impression on me; Le Cordon Bleu was en still is the top of the culinary world. And so I signed up for a course. At Le Cordon Bleu in London. For 10 days I will be surrounded by world-class chefs and bakers. And I will learn from them. I still can’t believe it. I am hoping to return with a suitcase filled with new techniques, new skills and new ideas. I’ll keep you posted.

Happy new year!




2 gedachten over “Happy new year!

  1. super gooy aa lese.
    haaper du nyter London og at det er alt du drommer at det skal vaere….

    haaper aa se deg snart

  2. Great! Go for it:)

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