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Corona, creativity and cake

When covid-19 entered our lives some 10 months back, we could have never imagined what impact it would have on our lives and still has. As so much has already been written about this, I will not bore you with my personal perspective on the situation. I will however share with you some of the things I have been busy with for Taart voor jou during these past months and, more importantly, some of the plans for the time to come.

In March of last year, when Corona hit full and our hospitals were running beyond their capacity, I set up a cupcake action with two goals; show some love and support to our health care workers, and keep me in business. The result was above all expectations; you guys donated close to 2000 cupcakes! For a couple of weeks, I baked cupcakes from morning to evening, making appointments with hospitals and bringing boxes of cupcakes around to their staff. It was one of the most rewarding things I have ever done; thank you again for your contribution!






A couple of months later I introduced the Sweetbox to my assortment. More than 500 Sweetboxes later, I think it’s safe saying it was an idea you loved! So many of you who received a box full of delicious sweets in the post, placed new orders for your own friends and family and a number of companies picked up the idea as well, ordering Sweetboxes to all their employees to thank them for their hard work in these difficult times.

One of the things that have amazed me the most during the past months, is the creativity and will to share your happy moments and to celebrate important moments in life, also during times like these. I have had the honour of making countless cupcakes, personalized boxes filled with sweet and savoury goodies as well as small family size dripcakes that have been brought around to those who otherwise would have been invited to a birthday party or a Bar /bat mitzvah celebration, often matched with a celebration on zoom. How awesome!

In addition to having been busier than I dare to admit, I also had my dreamkitchen built this last half a year. The kitchen, having been on my mind for years, is spacious, light and easy to clean. It has large counters, tons of drawers, a big oven and a huge fridge. It has amazing lighting, aircondition and a garden view. Yes, I am in love, every day again. Oh, and did I mention the colours? And the storage? If you haven’t seen it yet, come by to take a look!

I have just had a break for 4 weeks. A really long, and a very special break. When I now start work again, it is with excitement and anticipation, with new plans and ideas. But it is also with worry about the future and with fear for what might still come. We are not there yet, not at all. But I believe that soon we will be, soon we will again be celebrating life’s important moments with all our family and friends just like before. And in the meantime, let’s get through these times together, let’s make an effort to enjoy the days we have with the few people we see, let’s pat each other’s shoulders for keeping up and let’s spoil ourselves and our closest ones. And of course, let’s do it with cake!!



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