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Baking break for baking improvement

2016 was a great year for Taart voor jou. Not only did my revenue increase with more than 100 % compared to the year before, I also had the opportunity to cook, bake and cater for many important and emotional events in your lives; an honour I am extremely proud of. Thank you for that.

For this year, I have a lot of plans and new ideas to further develop Taart voor jou.  With an overfull agenda however, it is quite a challenge to find the time to work out and develop these plans and ideas.  I am therefore taking a step back, a break from the kitchen, in order to make some decisions that are important for the future of my company.

I have also treated myself to a Cake decorating course at Le Cordon Bleu in London and I hope to come back with a suitcase full of new techniques, ideas and inspiration for new cake creations.

Whilst I will be on a baking break for a little longer than usual, I do believe in continuity. Therefore you will still be able to buy my cookies at Goût Deli in Amsterdam; double chocolate chip and cranberries with white chocolate. And should your cravings for cake from Taart voor jou be unbearable, I am very excited to announce that from the end of February, you can enjoy a piece of cake from Taart voor jou at the newly opened Subzero’s Gelato company in Amstelveen.

The coming weeks will be spent stacking out a direction for Taart voor jou. In the end of April I will be back with renewed energy and passion for what I do; cooking and baking beautiful and delicious cakes, fingerfood and desserts.

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